Five Senses Banner

Five senses educational banner for class
This banner is a great resource for use with the five senses. I was assisting a junior class with this topic. Will add a link to a Promethean Activboard flipchart, as soon as I have that posted also.

Questioning... starting thinking Connections

Added a range of information literacy resources, mostly in poster form. Includes an updated version of the questions sheet found on which is a 1 page handout really great for inspiring pupils to better questions.

Key Competencies NZ, Solo Thinking Taxonomy

Three new posters have been added in our posters section: Key Competencies is a simplified version in A3 form to help pupils in the middle school area, pick up on their next steps in terms of competencies to pick up. Also added two posters about SOLO taxonomy, a way of teaching pupils to think about the topics, questions and learning they are doing and to feedback on the level of their learning. A great idea to help pupils be more constructive when analysing their own success criteria and those of others. Choose the “Thinking and Learning” Section to reveal these new additions.

Latest Free Printable Banner

The first use of our ordering system. A banner for an Australian School that needed a customisation of a leadership banner. We have posted the resource online so that you can download it too. Leadership Banner for Classroom