ICT Motivation and Focus Poster

Success Criteria ICT Motivation
I use this poster to help motivate the boys in our school to focus on using their ICT Tools for focused learning. If they catch on they won’t create what I call, “Candy-Floss” Inquiry Projects (look good but no learning and thinking substance). Enjoy. Check out in2edu.com for more ICT Resources and the ICT Sections of our Banners, Awards and more Posters.

3 in 1 Workshop

Learning@School 2010 is a great conference held every year in Rotorua NZ. This year I am hosting a workshop entitled “3 in 1” which is to give an overview of using Keynote, Pages and Scratch in the topic called, “Flight”
Training Software Tips OSX and Windows

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These are the files that we used:
Files as handed out at conference: 274 MB Zipped (formats are PDF, Keynote, Scratch, Pages). Pages and Keynote are Apple only programs.
Other Files
ICT Skills Ladders PDF to help you scaffold skills in programs (ICT Crew or Tech Angel Crew) and track them with a visual rubric.

Digital Photography Top Tips

Take better Digital Photos Resource
A neat little photography tips resource. If you cut, fold and laminate it should fit in a medium size camera bag. I have also produced a Promethean flipchart on digital photography also. Download from the ICT section of posters. or direct by click on the pretty picture above (requires free membership to access).